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  • ​​​
  • ​​Introduction to Real Estate.
  • Real Property Law
  • Fair Housing
  • Interests in Real Estate
  • Forms of Real Estate Ownership
  • Land Description
  • Transfer of Title
  • Title of Records
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Client Representation Agreements
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Real Estate Taxes and Liens
  • Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Closing the Real Estate Transaction
  • Leases
  • Property Management
  • Land Use Controls and Property Development
  • Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Tennessee State Law (part 1)
  • Tennessee State Law (part ii)
  • 30 hour continuing education course



This week of day classes are for prospective Real Estate Agents.

Monday to Friday

9.00 A.M. TO 5.30 p.m 

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April 4th    to

1492 Madison Street  Clarksville  TN 37040

Other Classes 

Professional Classroom and Online Education

Day Classes 

Tel: +1.931 802-6555

On Line Classes

Test Preparation Courses

  • To Take The National Exam
  • To Take The State Exam
  • Preparation for PSI Exam
  • Broker Test Preparation
  • Continuing Education Courses

​​​Class Dates & Times

Evening Classes

1492 Madison Street  Clarksville  TN 37040

Covering all of the topics on the right hand side of this page.

Having completed this course which includes the 60 hour National course, The Tennessee laws, Rules and Regulations, subject to attaining a passing score, you will be eligible to to take the Tennessee Real Estate two part test. PLUS the 30 hour mandatory continuing education required to be licensed as not only a Real Estate Agent. But you will have completed the educational requirements to become a Realtor. An so ready to work with a company of your choosing.

The Course includes Class room instruction. Instructional Training manuals. Power Point slides, Training Manuals. separate "hard to Understand" extra hand outs. On line 24/7 quizzes and mock tests.

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Topics covered in the new affiliate Broker course include,

but NOT limited to the following subjects in both book, power point. and hand outs.

Together with progression tests, mock tests, and simulated final tests.

You will have the same teacher throughout your course who will coach

you as well as teach you in an unbiased and unaffiliated way. Not

stearing you in a direction other than the RIGHT direction.

You will also get to know your teacher so that you can feel comfortable in approaching the teacher with any concerns or subjects that you want to address privately