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  • To Take The State Exam
  • Continuing Education Reqirements
  • Broker preperation for PSI Exam

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Do I qualify to become a Realtor?

to schedule your exam visit the PSI website at

ā€‹Affiliate Broker appicants must successfully complete the required 60 hour Real Estate principles Course before they register to take the state licensing examination.

It is easy to fulfill this requirement with the Real Estate School of Clarksville'snew affiliate program, which includes all the books that are required to get you to the right level required. INCLUDED

Plus additional learning aids available to help you pass first time.

4. Find a company

1.  You will need to complete the Tennessee 60 Hour Real Estate Courseā€‹


Register and pass the Affiliate Broker exam with the exam provider. PSI exams 

To schedule your background check & have your finger prints taken CLICK HERE

3. Complete the Tennessee 30-hour Course for New Affiliates 

2. Register to take the Tennessee Affiliate Broker Licensing Exam

Submit the test sheet to the Real Estate School of Clarksville for aproval.