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Are you tired of making money for someone else while you struggle to make ends meet on a diminishing salary?

Are you fed up with being laid off every time there is a slow down in the company?

It happens to even the best, most ambitious and loyal employees:

Layoffs, downsizing, even  burnout? 

When you're tired of your job, it can seem like the day will never end. Small tasks become drudgery, and even the workplace environment starts to feel like doomsday. But this is normal. Workplace boredom is a symptom of several problems, including routine, lack of challenge, and even lack of a positive social environment.

Today, more than ever before you need to take charge of your life. It's only a matter of time before your sudenly realize that  "you are too old to get a better job" or worse that you are "put out to pasture" with possibly no real financial future.

It doesn't have to be that way!

With a career as a licensed real Estate professional you can command the respect you deserve while building a future that will allow you to write your own paycheck and earn the income that others may envy but for you is the norm. 

Start today by getting ready for the National Real Estate exam. Available from  REAL ESTATE SCHOOL OF CLARKSVILLE.  You will be taught not only by experienced staff that have been in the real estate business for years, but are also licensed Realtors actively working in the market. with up to date information, tequniques rules and current laws.

Considering a Career in Real Estate?

Are You:

A self starter?

Enjoy being on the move duing the work day?

Like to meet people and can be at ease talking with them from all walks of life?

Good at getting people to take notice of what you have to say?

A person with a high activity level?

Willing to work at odd hours when required?

Ready for a career that requires quick thinking, creativity, and communication skills?

Enjoy the excitement of competition.

Enthusiastic about running your own business?

Ready to be rewarded by you own production?

If the Answer to any of these questions is  YES! 

Then a career in Real Estate may just be right for YOU!

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Is a Career in Real Estate right for Me?