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As you will have realized  by now, the start up can be a little costly, BUT the returns can be VERY great.


You will then need to Schedule your final test with the PSI testing company. the test will cost you $39.00

You will also need to schedule an appointment to be finger printed for your FBI background check (we do the fingerprinting on our premises) the cost is $35.15).

Having taken the PSI exam and passed, you will need to find a company that will allow you to affiliate with them as a "trainee". Here the Broker will teach you how their specific company wortk, and train you in the way they want you to practice Real Estate. Most companies will require you to join the National association of Realtors, The Tennessee Association of Realtors and a local association this cost is around $500.00

You will also need to obtain errors and omissions insurance (E&O), this normally is about $200.00 for two years (or pro rated by how much of the designate 2 year period is left).  

Please remember that this is not just another job. This is a life changing career!

We also do FBI &TBI Finger Printing for Realtor's and other organizations requiring background checks

Sometimes prospective Realtors will try to go round this step by buying books on line , then not going to school. you must go to an accredited school where you will earn a certificate.


The school will then send an authorization to the testing company informing them that you have attained an acceptable standard of training and achieved the required level of knowledge.

FBI & TBI Finger printing services    CLICK HERE

You MUST first learn the business of Real Estate, this is done by taking a New Affiliates 60 hour training course. There are many courses out there on the internet, but the pass rate is quite a lot lower than the tred and traditional way of going to school there are also all sorts of "blended" courses available.    We have several options!

There are quite a number of fees to become a realtor. Thankfully they are not all up front fees, also the cost can be quite high. however most Realtors make quite a good living and many make between 100,000 and $200,00 per year.in the first year. 

Let us first look at the start up fees