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Topics covered in E-Z Algebra include general rules for dealing with numbers, equations, negative numbers and integers, fractions and rational numbers, exponents, roots and real numbers, algebraic expressions, functions, graphs, systems of two equations, quadratic equations, circles, ellipses, parabolas, polynomials, numerical series, permutations, combinations, the binomial formula, proofs by mathematical induction, exponential functions and logarithms, simultaneous equations and matrices, and imaginary numbers. Exercises follow each chapter with answers at the end of the book. . 

Table of Contents:

Rules of Behavior for Numbers
Negative Numbers and Integers
Fractions and Rational Numbers
Roots and Real Numbers
Algebraic Expressions
Systems of Two Equations
Quadratic Equations
Circles, Ellipses, and Parabolas
Exponential Functions and Logarithms
Simultaneous Equations and Matrices 
Permutations, Combinations, and the Binomial Formula
Proofs by Mathematical Induction 
Imaginary Numbers
Answers to Exercises
Appendix: Note About Rounding
Appendix: Computers

 E-Z Math reviews whole numbers, fractions, percentages, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, word problems, probability, and statistics. The book also presents a diagnostic and a practice test with answers. 

Table of Contents: 

How to Study 
Special Study Hints for Mathematics 
Reading in Mathematics 
The Tests 
Diagnostic Test 
Whole Numbers 
Beginning Algebra 
Factoring in Algebra 
Algebra—More on Equations 
Right Triangle Trigonometry 
Tables and Graphs 
Word Problems 
Practice Test 
General Mathematical Ability 
Answers and Explanations 
Evaluating Yourself 

This self-teaching workbook is designed especially for students who need to go back to algebra basics as preparation for starting a college-level math course. It’s also a helpful review for those preparing to take standardized exams that include math testing, such as a math placement exam, the GRE or GMAT. Forgotten Algebra contains 32 work units, starting its review with signed numbers, symbols, and first-degree equations, and progressing to include logarithms and right triangles. Each work unit reviews basics before presenting problems and exercises that include detailed solutions designed to facilitate self-study. The book’s systematic presentation of subject matter is easy to follow, and encompasses all the terminology, equations, and information that students of algebra need to master. This new edition has been expanded to include step-by-step solutions for all exercises.


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