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Sign Riders

Yard signs are the backbone of most Realtor's arsenal of advertising tools. It is the way that most people first notice that a house is on the market. It is also the way Realtors can quickly identify a house that they are going to show; The other main adverting tool that agents have is showing the public or prospective buyers or sellers where to find them, contact information and how active the agent is, 

Yard signs tend to be in set sizes 24" wide x 18" high 30" wide x 18" high or 36" wide x 18" high 

changeable sign riders are a great way to enhance your listing sign. These useful tools can be mounted above, below or separate on most sign frames. typicaly, they are 24" wide, but other sizes that we stock are 18" wide, and 30" wide. by 6" high. We can also manufacture them to custom sizes.

There are many color combinations and materials. most riders are red with white lettering or white with red lettering,  but we have about 400 color combinations  available. So if you are looking for a sign that will match, compliment or just stand out we have the combination for you.

  • For economy the least expensive signs are made of "Corplast", this is a fluted "plastic" material that is fairly rigid and best for short term or temporary use.
  • For Durability Aluminum is a good choice, however these will bend but can  very often be bent back into shape
  • For strength and durability then "MaxMetal" is the way to go. This product is a composition of a polythene membrane sandwiched between 2 sheets of aluminum 

Colors we show here are mainly red with white lettering, or white with red lettering just for covenenience.

  • Fits all Corrugated plastic signs
  • (works best with 24" high x 24" wide or smaller)
  • Inserts directly into the sign-
  • no hardware required
  • Dimensions 24" high x 10" wide
  • Support bars 8" from the top and bottom

          Heavy Duty wire stakes for fluted signs.

                       (Sign sold separately)

Quantity    1-5                    6-25                 26-50 

Price       $2.49 each     $1.99 each     $1.49 each       $

Yard Signs

  6" x 12"                                  12" x 12'               18" x 24"         $2.25               24" x  24"            30"X 30"                  48" X 48"

  6" x 24"                                  12" x 24"               18" x 30"         $2.75               24" X 30"            30 X 36"                 48" X  72""

  6" x 30"                                  12" x 30"               18" x 36           $                       24" X 36"            30' X 48"               48" X 96"


Futed Corex blanks are ideal for making quick signs, hand written signs or posters (price does not include stakes)